Courtney's favorite products



Courtney - Product Development and Sourcing Manager

My favorite part of being Foreside’s Product Development and Sourcing Manager is partnering with artisan crafters in other countries to create unique décor items. I love getting to explore new categories and materials, and learn about the skills and techniques that are used to bring our designs to life.



Lawson Cutting Boards

The Lawson cutting boards mix rich acacia wood with white or black marble. This material combination and neutral coloration offer an elevated and beautiful, yet functional kitchen accessory.

Retailer Must Have: Create a full entertaining spread by mixing sizes of the Lawson boards together. Black and white marble versions can be easily merchandised with other kitchen items.





16” Round Hand Woven Henrietta Pillow

A new size for Foreside, the Henrietta Pillow is very textural with soft fringe trim and dori embroidery; it is also the perfect layering size to add a cozy touch to any space.

Retailer Must Have: The Henrietta Pillow adds a lot of texture while the white keeps it neutral to pair with other aesthetics within textile assortments.


round pillow