You’ve seen our handwoven textiles, but did you also know about our handblown recycled glass pieces? At Foreside, we are dedicated to crafting a high quality, and artisanal feel to our products, and our handblown glass items are no exception! There can be as many as 10 generations of glass blowers! The skill is passed down through families, ensuring that every piece is expertly crafted. When the recycled glass comes in, it is sorted by clarity and color and is then broken down to a specific size. The recycled glass is then combined with raw materials to make the finished product. Did you know that during the glass blowing process, any pieces that are cut off or broken at the end are re-used? This helps to get maximum use of the materials, and also continues the recycling process. Check out the video below to take a trip to India with us and see how handblown recycled glass is made.

bluw handblown glass
green handblown glass
blue handblown glass vase