Handwoven Natural Baskets

Our baskets are a favorite and bestseller amoung our Retailers. Offering organiztional solutions that also add color and texture to any space. It's great to hear words like "handwoven" and "natural", but was does it really mean? How are these "natural" baskets really made?

Meet the Master Weavers

Deep In the mid-region of China, women who have spent their lives mastering the handed down tradition and skills of their ancestors, hand make each one of our natural baskets. The natural materials are brought to their space just outside the city, where they work in groups of five or six. With no Factory, these women occupy handmade huts as their workspace.

corn husk

What's the Material?

Our natural baskets are made from three different types of material: Cattail, Corn Husk, and Water Hyacinth & Metal.


Cattail, also known as Typhya latifolia, are plants that grow around ponds, marshes, or in other wetland areas. Known to be used for many different uses, the plants are harvested in late summer for basketry.


Corn Husk baskets have been around for hundreds of years. Traditionally used by Native Americans for storing food because of the airtight seal the husk makes.


Water Hyacinth & Metal is a weed used to create eco-friendly home décor baskets. Originally found in Vietnam, where the plants would clog the waterways. Nowadays the plant is harvested and used to create handwoven baskets.

corn husk
water hyacinth