Conscious by Design

One of our main goals for this January 2022 collection was to continue to design and source products with the environment and you in mind. It is proven that customers are looking for more sustainable options in the market. In this collection you will find baskets made from natural grasses, natural terracotta clay planters and vases, and sustainable woods like mango and acacia wood.In addition to our OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 towels, you will find recycled textiles made from plastic bottles. OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified towels.

Noteworthy: According to a study conducted by Genomatica, 37% of US consumers are still willing to pay more for sustainable products, rising to 43% among Gen Z.


WGSN Trend Team. “Future Drivers 2023.” WGSN, 20 Nov. 2020.

Pierre-Davis, Bonnie. “Sustainability Bulletin January 2021.” WGSN, 7 Jan. 2021.


conscious by design
terracotta planter
natural material basket
hand made textiles
hand carved mango wood
kitchen cutting boards

Kitchen Classics with Longevity

Over the past few years, we have seen consumers reinvent their living spaces. From switching up interior design style to shifting away from open concept, and moving toward separated spaces. With this in mind, our goal was to design transitional pieces that can last for years in both durability and style, offering products that consumers can purchase with confidence. This idea was particularly important while designing our new kitchen line. We started with sustainable and durable materials like mango and acacia woods, mixing them with classic black and white colorations using solid marble stone or resin. By layering in organic shapes and environmentally friendly materials such as jute, we ended with combinations of clean lines and earthy shapes. We are excited to offer a selection of neutral kitchen items that are not only long lasting and functional, but also beautiful and unique additions to any entertaining assortment.

Noteworthy: “Time spent at home over the past year forced consumers to re-evaluate their spaces and decor, leading them to opt for objects with meaning, products that evoke an emotional response and handmade, crafted items.”

Source: Taylor, Melissa. “Buyers' Briefing S/S 22: Decorative Accessories.” WGSN, 28 July 2021.


recipe book stand made from mango wood
cutting potatos ona cutting board
mixing a salad in a mango wood carved bowl
searving tray with a tomato on it

Textiles with a Story

A great deal of research goes into every collection we launch, and a main resource for us is WGSN – one of the most well-known trend forecasting organizations is WGSN. According to their research the direction of textiles in 2022 will focus on well-made basics and patterns full of woven handmade details. This time around we dialed in on the thought of going back to basics. We focused on neutral colors and high-quality, well-made textile pieces that are unique and affordable.

Consumers are more aware now than ever of the health benefits of being outside and immersed in nature. Studies have shown that being outside can help reduce stress and increase levels of productivity. The minute we found this out we couldn’t stop thinking about our outdoor textiles, and how we wanted to help consumers create an outdoor oasis where they can relieve stress and find comfort outside. Exclusive designs that are both sustainable and durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements make a purchase anyone can feel good about.

Source: Pierre-Davis, Bonnie. “Buyers' Briefing S/S 22: Textiles.” WGSN, 23 July 2021.


pillows on a white couch
white pillow on a chair
brown rug
blue recycled outdoor pillow
recycled textiles
terracotta planters sitting on the ground

Terracotta on the Rise

Indoor plants have been trending for a few years, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Research shows the popularity of indoor plants are growing because they help promote a clean lifestyle. The surprising research found was that of terracotta. Earthy, warm terracotta tones are trending and forecasted to explode across all areas of home décor. Consumers gravitate towards this pigmentation because it gives a sense of warmth and comfort. We focused on developing more natural terracotta planters, vases, and pots. In addition, we’ve introduced textiles that feature a beautiful terracotta color. An expansion of terracotta colors into textiles is expected to come to the retail space soon!

Source: WGSN Forecast Team. “Future Innovations 2023.” WGSN, 20 Nov. 2020.


a bunch of terracotta planters on top of each other
terracotta pot/vase
terracotta colored pillow on a chair
terracotta colored throw blanket being held up

Storage Solutions

The home has become a focus for many people since activities done at home have increased. This includes, working, schooling, and activities such as working out. Many of our natural material baskets and bins can be used as storage for things like computer cords in the home office, or yoga mats for the home gym. Homes have become flex spaces, and Foreside’s baskets and bins provide storage solutions that are aesthetically pleasing yet functional.

Noteworthy: 81% of Millennials in the US now prefer home workouts to gym trips.

Source: Housley, Sarah, and WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors. “Big Ideas 2023: Lifestyle & Interiors.” WGSN, 15 Jan. 2021.


multiple baskets on the ground
two natural material baskets holding a blanket and a book
two baskets
handmade basket