Oeko-Tex Certified

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What does an OEKO-TEX certification mean?

Each one of our tea towels now has the STANDARD 100 label, which means every component of the towel has been tested for harmful substances, making it harmless to human health.



Why is this important?

Each one of our tea towels are designed to be both decorative and functional. Our team at Foreside designs with the intention of delivering not only beautiful textiles, but ones that are safe for our retailers and their customers.


wholesale kitchen tea towels
wholesale kitchen tea towels


How is the test conducted?

Strict Criteria - each piece of the tea towel has to comply with the global standards. Including material, tassels, and stitching.

Global Standard - The Oeko-Tex standard is globally recognized and updated yearly based on new and evolving scientific research.

Independently Tested - the tests and certifications are checked by independent institutions. 

Label Check - each tea towel will now have an Oeko-Tex label.