ship now products from India

What does "Ship Now, Ship Later" mean?

Our Summer 2021 launch is made up of items manufactured in India and China. Due to an increase in COVID-19 cases in India, some new products will have a later ship date than others. However, you can place your order NOW for both ship now and ship later items. We are expecting a high volume of orders on this new Summer launch, so make sure you place your order now to secure your products!

When will I have to pay for the items that are shipping later?

You are only charged for items as they ship. When you place your order, you will only be charged for the items that are ready to ship now. Once the later items ship, then you will be charged for those items at that time.

How will I know which items will ship later?

When you place an order online, the estimated ship date will be noted on each item before you place it in your cart so you will know which items are available now and which will be coming later. If you ever have any questions about orders, either e-mail Customer Service at [email protected] or call at 855.474.3344.

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