Warm and inviting, the comfortable tones of terracotta are defining 2019. With Sherwin Williams’s choosing their version, called Cavern Clay as their color of the year, and the artisanal, modern boho style in full force, it’s no wonder that terracotta has made it’s way back into the public this year.

cavern Clay
cavern Clay


The word ‘terracotta’ comes from the Italian words for “baked earth”, and typically is used to describe the type of clay that is used in pottery, or the color of a rustic, brown-orange hue, that brings us back to nature and dust-blown roads. The color of terracotta, especially when used in interiors, runs from a pale apricot tone, all the way to rich mahogany. A more updated and sophisticated version of the dusty blush pink that we all saw in 2018, the terracotta color pairs perfectly with stark whites, blue tones that push all the way from a pale sky to a bold teal, deep blacks and vibrant greens. You can use different tones of terracotta to design your space the way you’d like. Lighter tones work well with more bohemian styles, while the more rustic and well-known terracotta shades add effortless style to a modern farmhouse space.


It’s incredibly easy to add a bit of terracotta color to your store, display, or home - no need to run out and buy new paint for the walls! Start slowly by adding some natural terracotta planters, or get a little fun with metal vases in a faux terracotta texture - pair them with some blue tones and you’ve got a great complementary color scheme. Pillows are another great way to add just a small amount of a terracotta hue to any room, without going overboard, mixing with more neutrals helps add a pop of color while still feeling balanced.

blue vases